Using Reeline Barcode Scanner

Recently ReeLine new version 12.9.0 has added support for barcoded items. Here’s the steps of using it.

First, we need to save the item that has the barcode or if you already has an entry for that item, search for it in timeline than tap Edit. In transaction editor, tap the item than in the item editor tap Scan. Point the camera of your phone to the item’s barcode. Make sure the barcode is inside the red rectangle. if the scanner able to read the barcode it will be added to the item editor.

To continue tap Add and to save the transaction tap Post. With this now you have give an item a barcode. Now it’s time to test the recored item. Tap + icon to add a new transaction. In transaction editor tap More > Barcode scanner. The camera will open on top of the transaction editor. 

Now point the camera to the item’s barcode. When the scanner read the barcode it will search for the item in the database and add that to the transaction automatically.  If you have added all the items with barcode, you can continue to scan the other items.

Ok that’s it for the tutorial. Any questions of this feature just leave the comment bellow.

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